Singing “Property of Pigeons”

The band Short Fictions recently (November 2019) issued an album, Fates Worse Than Death, that includes the song “Property of Pigeons.” Check out the track at this link, along with the liner notes that acknowledge the use of Loy’s poem and transcribe the poem’s lines appearing in the song:

Pigeons doze, or rouse, stripped crescendos of grey rainbow
a living frieze, on the shallow sill of a factory window
pigeons arise alight, on vertical bases of civic brick
whitened with avalanches, as if an angel had been sick

Sam Treber, leader of the band, is a Duquesne University graduate. Thanks to one of his past professors, the fabulous Matt Ussia, for sending along this link to us, and gratitude to the (unknown) professor or student or friend who turned him on to Mina Loy. And thanks to Sam!