New Frequencies

CONSCIOUSNESS cannot spontaneously accept or reject new forms, as offered by creative genius; it is the new form, for however great a period of time it may remain a mere irritant—that moulds consciousness to the necessary amplitude for holding it.

— Mina Loy, “Aphorisms on Futurism” (1914)


New Frequencies are new forms of scholarship created by undergraduate and graduate students. These projects invite you to interact with the work of Mina Loy and other avant-garde figures in new, experimental, and playful ways.

Created and owned by students, the projects featured here are hosted on separate websites and servers. Because students typically must complete their projects within a semester or summer, they do not have the time to go through a lengthy process of scholarly peer review. Moreover, once they complete a course or graduate, they have no incentive to revise. As a result, we cannot guarantee that the content is accurate or that the projects meet web accessibility standards, despite our emphasis on the importance of doing so. We can also not guarantee that students will maintain their sites, so some links may be broken. Despite these risks, we believe this work is worthy of publication here. Students bring fresh ideas, creative approaches, and technological innovation to Mina Loy and the historical avant-garde. Even more than traditional scholarship, New Frequencies exemplify the spirit of the en dehors garde.

New Frequencies

Gallery of Surrealist Women Artists

painting of slim female figure dressed in blue standing in empty room, her train attached to shelf on wall on which stands an owl
By Jill Moliterno Buffington

Game: Next Lunar Baedeker

Landing page of game featuring photo of Mina Loy
By Alexandra Edwards

Illuminating Loy:
Designs, Inventions & Commerce

interior of Loy's lamp shop
By Severine, Claire, Annie, and Naira

Loy’s Lunar Lexicon

homepage of Loy's Lunar Lexicon featuring large black & white photo of the moon
By Matt Bell, Matthew Days, Casey Margerum, Hannah Sommerlad

Mabel Dodge Luhan:
Musing the Avant-Garde

archival photo of Mabel Dodge's Villa Curonia in Florence, Italy.
By Jesse Jack, Brent Dipuma, Jillian Bennion

Mina Loy Coloring Book

four green circles graphic
By Meredith Foulke & Elise Foote

Poetry Gallery

home page of Loy poetry gallery featuring photo of Loy
By Brett DuPuma

Reviving Frances Simpson Stevens

drawing of a door by Maura Tangum
By Maura Tangum & Sarah Gompper

Traveling with Loy
through Time & Space

tarot card depicting eye in the middle of a sun
By Taylor Maldonado, Hannah Muczynski, Anna Samuels

Turning Outward:
Paris en dehors garde map

Mina Loy in Paris on map of Paris
By Courtney Mullis and Indy Recker

Women with Voice: Mina Loy & Georgia Douglas Johnson

diptych of Mina Loy and Georgia Douglas Johnson
By Caitlyn Hunter, Molly Sharbaugh, Rochel L. Gasson