In Summer 2018, dozens of writers, artists, students, and scholars joined a digital “flash mob,” submitting post(card)s that expressed their ideas about the en dehors garde—a term we coined to account for women, people of color, and others who have been marginalized or excluded from histories of the avant-garde. These are their post(card)s:

collage with Mina Loy's face superimposed on quilted background of house, laundry line, and domestic objects

Mina Loy

This ‘postcard’ came about while I was working on the Brooklyn Art Library’s sketchbook project. I have always been energized

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postcard with Mina Loy poem about Gertrude Stein and ballerina drawings with women scientists' names on their legs

Stolen Science

Nobel laureates May-Britt and Edvard Moser work together, and they publish both together and separately. They won along with another

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screen shot of waves from video

The Dunes

I float on the waves where the deer drink water The sun at my hand and the moon at feet,

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Nella Larsen letter to Gertrude Stein

Nella Larsen, avant-garde? Modernist, yes, but avant-garde? Her writing is hardly in the vein of a Gertrude Stein or a

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Dear Papa

Dear Papa: I know you are dead and all, but I came across this lovely book with you in it,

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poem excerpt

Can you, here?

What is poetry's worth in prison? This vertical postcard is a poly-vocal expression of the women writers at Whitworth Women's Facility in Hartwell, Georgia. It is a collage created from lines of our individual poems and prose reflections on poetry's value in our lives. It is also our greeting to you. Can you hear?

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